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26 October 2021 at 13:09:26

Introducing Hygge E-Bikes.

Where it all began: Denmark, known for its architecture and cosy lifestyle, is where Hygge Bikes was brought to life. It is also called the 'Nation of Cyclists', where people cycle in all types of weather. Cycling is not only the main form of transportation in Denmark but also the most common leisure activty. Our Bikes, with its deep scandinivian roots, are designed and built embodying the Danish cycling culture.

Love My Bike shop in Camberley is proud to be the first Bike Shop outside London to stock these wonderfully constructed e-bikes.

Best Fat tyre ebikes in UK - 2 years Warranty with Fast Delivery. Exclusive discounts available on High quality electric bikes

Meet the Vester Step electric bike – your ultimate everyday ride, meticulously designed for an unparalleled cycling experience. This versatile e-bike, crafted with precision, features fat tires and front suspension, ensuring a supremely smooth and comfortable journey across varied terrains. The aluminum step-through frame guarantees stability and instills rider confidence, making it the perfect choice for both daily commutes and outdoor adventures.

£1499.00 | View more info:

The Vester, our collection’s most budget-friendly electric bicycle. This hardtail e-bike features fat tyres and front suspension, ensuring a comfortable ride. Its robust aluminum frame offers stability and confidence, particularly ideal for commuting purposes. The Vester electric bike seamlessly combines both comfort & style.

£1499.00 | View more info:

Crafted for enduring performance, this E-bike is your steadfast companion on long commutes, promising unwavering reliability. Boasting a harmonious blend of premium components, a robust and efficient removable battery, and a proprietary Hygge motor, the Aarhus swiftly earns its place as your most trusted electric commuter bike. It transcends mere convenience; it symbolizes a commitment to seamless urban journeys.

£1299.00 | View more info:

We have a limited number of 2023 Vester e-bikes still available at £999 saving £300 but you'll have to be quick!

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