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11 December 2023 at 23:55:22

Just arrived at Love My Bike Shop are two new e-bikes from Himiway – come along to our shop and test ride these bikes :

“Himiway was born to scale the summits where others fear to tread, so we can see further and go farther.
Despite more than 70% of riders are pursuing e-bikes that can go farther, most of the e-bikes on the market can only reach 30-40 miles.
Since the establishment in 2017, based on the feedback of over 50,000 users, Himiway has been continuously improving the range of e-bikes. On average, the range of Himiway e-bikes can reach 43% higher than other e-bikes on the market, up to 60-80 miles on a single charge.”
In our shop we have the Zebra and Escape Pro, but to learn more about Himiway bikes log-on to their website:
Any special offers are available through our shop and remember if you purchase an e-bike from Love My Bike Shop you get a free service after three months together with the support of our work shop.

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